Welcome to 'Badby Then and Now'

In 2017 the Badby History Group put together an Exhibition covering a range of aspects of the history of Badby and its surrounding area between 1800 and the present day. This website was inspired by the content of that Exhibition, with subsequent amendments and additions.

Members of the Badby History Group are Lynne Green, Pat McAlister, Helen Morris, Maddie Oldrey, Geoff Pullin and Richard Piner. Many other people have helped with this project and the Group would like to thank them: Ian Adamson, David & Sue Blundell, Barry Boswell, Olive Bourton, Keith Bull, Barry Care, Peter Cooper, Ann Eales, Melissa Gibbs, Jocelyn & Sarah Hartland-Swann, George Hartshorn, Joanne Hind, Mary Hodges, Leonie and George Hopcraft, Janet Ingram, Hilary Mensah, Ken Morris, Chris & Gill Nelson, Heather Piner, Carole Pullin, Alice Teulon, Ron & Sylvia Townsend, Peter Wakeford, John Warr, Jaci Wojtecki and not least the members of the church who provided space and refreshments for the Exhibition.

Quotes have been used from 'Village Matters' produced by the Friends of Rural Badby (FORB) in the late 1990s, and from Politics and Society: The Journals of Lady Knightley of Fawsley edited by Peter Gordon, by kind permission of the Northamptonshire Record Society.

Many of the photographs of old Badby and Fawsley are taken from the collection 'Historic Photographs of Badby & Fawsley' assembled by Jocelyn Hartland-Swann (with grateful acknowledgements to Pat Justice, Cristine Orr, Bridget Rogers, Alec Warner, Joanne Hind and Colin Cripps), and which was published by the Badby PCC in December 2012. We are grateful to the PCC for allowing us to use the photographs, which are attributed 'HPoB&F, Badby PCC 2012' on this site. Attribution is given to other photographs used where this known; where not known we have made efforts to locate ownership. If you see a photograph for which you believe you own copyright, please contact us and we will be glad to rectify matters.

Further information on Badby's history can be found on the Badby community website, www.badby-pc.gov.uk. This includes:

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